The Yanqui Chronicles

Tales and photos from my time in Argentina (and maybe more) from June to November 2013.


"Riveting and unforgettable, 'The Yanqui Chronicles' somehow strikes the eternally-elusive balance between Goethe's 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' (1774) and the masterful film 'Snow Dogs' (2002). I would sell my firstborn to be able to write something half as innovative."
-A. Belano, Excélsior, 2013

"All aboard for a thrilling ride of sobs, screams, trauma, hilarity and (most likely) all four at once. If you aren't wearing a helmet, Meyer's work is liable to give you permanent brain damage. I'm not joking guys."
-Paula Arnold, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2013.

These days weren’t too crazy so I’m just going to post some pictures. The huge massive room with columns is from University of Buenos Aires Law School. The main hall is this huge huge and has all kinds of art. It’s incredible; I’m sure I’ll return for more pictures.

The rest are from MALBA (Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires) which is pretty reasonable and amazing. There is an exhibition of a famous artist named Yayoi Kusama being featured there. The image of all the lights and the room with the dots are from her. The light room was incredible- it’s a small room with suspended lights and a ton of mirrors— I felt like I was in outer space and it was incredibly disorienting but amazing. When you walk in to the museum they also give you a bunch of stickers, and the white room with all the dots was decorated by visitors. 

The other images are of the museum in general. It was a pretty impressive place and I’ll definitely go back. The woman with the animals is a painting by one of the most famous Latin American artists, Frida Kahlo. The others I’m not sure about, but they were often politically themed (like the one with all the protesters is from the 30’s- the sign says “bread and jobs”).

Other than that I’ve just been chilling with friends and enjoying the city. Only one week until I get to make a trip which will be amazing.  

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